Trementina – ‘Almost Reach The Sun’


Trementina have returned from their Japanese tour with Astrobrite for the digital release of their debut album ‘Almost Reach The Sun‘ (physical copies will be available later this year via Vinyl Junkie (Japan) / BYM Records (Chile). Whilst it’s not an entirely new offering (there’s a number of cuts from the ‘Brilliant Noise’ EP on there), it’s still one of the more exciting noise pop/shoegaze releases of 2015 so far. The lead single ‘Kisses In Your Eyes’ made sure of that! So does the closer ‘I Know You Well’. Jump into the stream below…

Trementina – ‘I Know You Well’

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Trementina – ‘Kisses In Your Eyes’


Trementina (‘Turpentine’ in English) have posted ‘Kisses In Your Eyes’, the first song from their forthcoming full length ‘Almost Reach The Sun’ – coming soon via Bym Records (Chile) / Vinyl Junkie (Japan). Their first (legit) video was filmed by Matias Illanes and director Matias Illanes at their home, and on the streets of Santiago with skater Loco Cheby! It’s Trementina’s most polished and confident creation yet, and points to a strong LP. The shoegaze quartet are just about to hit Japan for a tour with Astrobrite at the Whitenoise Superstars Fest. They’ve got all their ducks in a row (and are sounding awesome)!

Trementina – ‘Kisses In Your Eyes’ [Video]

Trementina – Japan Tour Dates

24/05 – Tokyo Koenji · High (Whitenoise Superstars)
25/05 – Tokyo · Tsutaya O-Nest
26/05 – Osaka · Club Vijon
27/05 – Nagoya · Apollo Base

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ColoreSantos – ‘Forest’


Fantastic new psych pop from Santiago, Chile! ‘Forest’ is a jangly gem from a newly formed quintet called ColoreSantos. There’s loads packed into this tune, the latter half really impresses, (particularly the bendy instrumental break)! If you’re keen for more, check out their first demo ‘Toy’ over at Soundcloud.

ColoreSantos – ‘Forest’

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Velódromo – ‘Gémini’


Velódromo have delivered their debut EP including the brilliant single ‘Gemini‘. The Santiago (Chile) foursome have only been making music together since August last year but already sound accomplished. They craft swirling noise pop around the vocals of Barbara Perez de Arce, and guitarist/singer Sebastián Gaete. Velódromo are set to develop their sound on tour this year, and are already making plans for a full length. Grab a download here.

Velódromo – ‘Gémini’

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The Dagger Complex – ‘Vibrant’ EP


‘Shockwave’ is a fresh dream pop tune by The Dagger Complex, taken from the ‘Vibrant‘ EP. The Chile-based band are off to a flying start after forming in 2013. With swooning guy/girl vocals, euphoric crescendos and catchy melodies, it’s no wonder the five piece have already appeared on the South American music festival stage. Songs like ‘Tremolo Vision Of You’ even sound a little like Dråpe, impressive!

The Dagger Complex – ‘Vibrant’ EP [Stream]

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La Hell Gang – ‘Thru Me Again’


New from the Mexican Summer label, ‘Thru Me Again’, the eight track sophomore album by Chilean threesome La Hell Gang! It  takes us on a hazy, meandering trip to a psych-tinged landscape. From the muddy, swaying ‘Her Way Has Come’ to the hypnotically simple chords of ‘Sweet Dear’, La Hell Gang rely on their  full, reverb-heavy sound and bluesy psych sensibilities to hold it together.

The band know when to pile on biting layers for vintage rock blasts, and when to pull them back to a dreamy, mirage-like guitar wail that dyes Sweet Dear’s familiar tune in ‘Everywhere I Go.’ The Gang even have a “molten visual spinner” (as below) to occupy your mind while you tune out to the noisy closer ‘So High’. The album may lose focus as the band explore different sounds and indulge in 8-minute psych rock jams, but with the right mindset ‘Thru Me Again’ is a fun ride. [By Dave Lytton]
La Hell Gang – ‘Thru Me Again’ [Stream]

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