Devilish Dear – ‘These Sunny Days’

Can’t help but smile at Devilish Dear‘s ‘These Sunny Days’. It’s such an odd listen. The opener ‘Face Without Eyes’ gives you an indication of the warped brand of shoegaze that lies within. It sounds like two songs playing together, with one intentionally out of tune. The album will challenge some listeners, it ain’t background music. Devilish Dear drag the conventions of the genre straight off a cliff. It’s damn weird! But wow, don’t overlook it. The Brazilian trio (Braulio Almeida, Rômulo Collopy and Michelle Modesto) originally released the album independently back in 2015, before Midsummer Madness picked it up and repackaged it for a 2017 release.

Many of Michelle Modesto’s vocal lines sound like they were written in complete isolation to the music itself (take ‘Time To Live A Little’ for example). I’m guessing this isn’t the case but they’re often treated like samples rather than melodic anchors in the song. From that standpoint, if you want originality, this is it. Braulio Almeida’s pays the bills working in animation and sound design, I’m guessing the former is a significant influence on these compositions. That, and the fact that Braulio mixed ten years of archival recordings to make ‘These Sunny Days’! Devilish Dear’s creative heart is pumping, and I’m so glad this album exists. Imagine walking into a room and hearing someone blasting ‘Pointless Status’, you’d be like “what… the. f**k. is. this!?” And rightly so. Its the most interesting record I’ve heard in a long time.

Devilish Dear – ‘These Sunny Days’ [Stream]

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