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Whirr are streaming the second single ‘Heavy’ (via Spin) from their forthcoming album ‘Sway’ (out September 23 thanks to Graveface Records). The Philly/Oakland shoegaze act gave us ‘Mumble‘ last month, it raised a few eyebrows due to the change from female lead vocals to male. ‘Heavy’ may ease those concerns, it’s arguably a stronger track. The subtle vocal harmonies in the latter half show how well the new approach can work. The opening minute is a doom-filled sludge fest with detuned guitars over a laboured rhythm. The uninitiated could be forgiven for presuming it would turn into a metal track. We know that Whirr’s Nick Bassett has kept busy playing with Nothing, that’s bound to rub off. However, half of the new album was initially penned by Joey Bautista and Loren Rivera back in Oakland. So ‘Sway’ should benefit from a mix of ideas when it lands next month. Pre-sale on now.

Whirr – ‘Heavy’

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