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The Enters debut EP ‘Small Town Love‘ was released digitally today (download) with a vinyl run planned for July. The London-based shoegazers tracked the record at Lightship95 with producer Rory Attwell and together they’ve created one of the best shoegaze releases of the year. The Enters have been cutting their teeth on the stage for several years, so there’s a good explanation for why this EP is so rock solid! Sure, there’s only four songs but it does run close to twenty minutes.

Opening tracks ‘Small Town Love’ and ‘End Of The Summer’ have big melodic hooks backed with a mountain of tremolo riding guitar noise! Either of these could work as a lead single. The longest song on the EP is ‘Sweet Girl‘ and its one of the stand outs. Blending classic shoegaze with progressive rock, it grows and recedes into a wash of acid drones and manic left/right panning. Closing tune ‘Robak’ is a little cheeky, it’s an experimental/drone number that would suit a full length but is perhaps unwarranted on an EP. It’s not a bad bookend but really just works as an outro. Nevertheless, The Enters ‘Small Town Love’ is a must listen for shoegaze fans. Here’s hoping a full length isn’t far off.
The Enters – ‘Small Town Love’ [EP Stream]

More of The Enters & ‘Small Town Love’ EP @ Bandcamp @ Soundcloud @ Facebook.

The Enters - 'Small Town Love'
Sound & Production
Reverb Rating
  • Big melodies & solid songwriting
  • Strong production values
  • It's not an album!
4.0Overall Score
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