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a sunny day in glasgow-sea when absent-artwork

This week A Sunny Day In Glasgow unleashed their fourth full length ‘Sea When Absent’ (through Lefse Records). Lead singles ‘In Love with Useless…‘, ‘Crushin‘ and ‘Bye Bye, Big Ocean (The End)‘ hinted at an ambitious record. Now we have it and the risks have paid off. The six piece could’ve chosen a more subtle path and indulged their ambient leanings but instead they’ve grown into a more visceral, ear grabbing force. ‘Sea When Absent’ takes the dream pop of 2009’s ‘Ashes Grammar’ and ramps it up a notch!

‘MTLOV (Minor Keys)’ is an example of how intricately arranged the song writing is. Instruments pop in and out and completely alter the feel but don’t disrupt the melody. If you quickly scrub through ‘MTLOV (Minor Keys)’ it sounds like you’re skipping across several different songs. Which should be jarring but it’s done so well, it’s a beautiful mess. Album stand out ‘Boys Turn Into Girls (Initiation Rites)’ turns convention on its head again, with guitars overtaking vocals that are wiped out by keyboards. It’s impossible to predict.

There’s a lot to digest here and that’s the album’s biggest strength and weakness, it overwhelming. The multi-layered textures and competing melodies work well for shoegaze acts that avoid obvious pop hooks but ‘Sea When Absent’ tries to do both, at once. For the most part it works and that’s what makes it exciting but it isn’t always a smooth ride. That aside, A Sunny Day In Glasgow inject enough personality and creativity to draw from psych and shoegaze influences without falling into genre trappings. And despite being recorded with band members in different parts of the globe, it’s cohesive. The disembodied process has been beneficial. ‘Sea When Absent’ is a must listen and one of the better albums of 2014 so far.

Visit A Sunny Day In Glasgow @ Lefse Records @ Facebook.

A Sunny Day In Glasgow - 'Sea When Absent'
Sound & Production
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  • Incredibly diverse
  • Genre defying
  • Amazing arrangements
  • Can be overwhelming
4.0Overall Score
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