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Roku Music began as a home recording project last year, the musical baby of Innez Tulloch (Tiny Spiders/Pastel Blaze) and Donovan Miller (Butcher Birds/No Anchor). The pair have since grown into a four piece with the addition of bassist Jody Gleeson (The Madisons) and drummer Tom Roche (Rational Academy/O). Together Roku Music have developed a strong live show that’s about to hit the road for a national tour. The Brisbane-based band are out to promote their debut album ‘Collider‘ (available now via Sonic Masala). The title track immediately impressed when it was unveiled in January, followed by the equally awesome single ‘Reflector‘. But what about the rest? First off it’s obvious these guys have some weapons; big guitar sounds, beautiful guy/girl vocals, solid production and some synths for contrast. This works brilliantly for the aforementioned singles and album stand outs ‘Ended’ and ‘Come Untrue’. However some of the melodies aren’t bold enough to poke through the wall of sound, like the epic ‘No One Else’. Of course the distant vocal performances have been intentionally buried in the mix, but even so not all clarity is an evil. That aside, ‘Collider’ is still one of the most exciting shoegaze records of the year so far and another must listen for fans of the genre. It marks the beginning of Sonic Masala Records and it’s an introduction that will be remembered by fans of fuzzy rock.

Roku Music – ‘Collider’ [Album Stream]

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Roku Music - 'Collider'
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