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Who’s Orange Crate Art!? And no, not the Brian Wilson and Van Dyke Parks album, I’m talking the mysterious collection of eclectic shoegaze gems that’s popped online this year. If you take a listen, I’m sure you’ll be impressed. The artwork isn’t terribly polished but the tunes are amazing! There’s been four EPs and an album released since February (explore here). After some sleuthing, turns out Orange Crate Art is the work of Swedish solo artist Toby Bernsand (a touring member of LKWRM). Toby tells Lazer Guided Melody that these releases have been recorded over many years but never properly released, with some “eight or nine” albums yet to see the light of day (*paging A&R reps*)!

Orange Crate Art – ‘Clang Associations’

Visit Orange Crate Art @ Bandcamp @ Facebook.