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Hartzine have premiered the EPIC new compilation from Nøthing Collective, ‘Nøthing #4’. It features 27 songs from the French underground, from Rennes to Paris (including coldwave, shoegaze, psych and dream pop). There’s a number of familiar names; Dead Horse One, Venera 4, Hermetic Delight, Maria False, Dead Sea, and plenty of new acts to discover as well.

Nøthing Collective – ‘Nøthing 4’ (French Compilation)

Visit Nøthing Collective @ Bandcamp @ Facebook.

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  1. Richard J. Marques

    Hello there,
    Just a fan that follows ur webpage. Wanna say thank you. I’ve discovered a lot of good music and looking forward to new bands in 2016.
    Check out my band postattraction.

    Goodbye & Happy New Year,

    Richard j Marques