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mermaids-while spectres waltz-artwork

Time to introduce Mermaids, a new shoegaze act with a debut single called ‘While Spectres Waltz’! As the presser states, the band were conceived “on a fishing trip to the Kent coast in the summer of 2012; four Londoners hiding in the corner of a rural pub, escaping the city, discussing Jesus and Mary Chain and the return of My Bloody Valentine. Six months later, guitars were finally plugged in and Mermaids became a reality…” The result is more accessible than you might think. It’s a dissonant rock ballad with a big guitar solo! Simple but inventive video too. So far, so good! ‘While Spectres Waltz’ was released today via Little Red Records (iTunes), a full length is expected this Autumn.

Mermaids – ‘While Spectres Waltz’

Visit Mermaids iTunes @ Little Red Records @ Soundcloud @ Facebook.