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An album of shoegazer Beatles covers sounds ridiculous, right!? But… back in 2013 Japan’s Meeks released ‘Beatless’ and it’s brilliant. I never posted it up at the time but now I’ve returned to it so many times since, it’s only fair that I share the love! It’s not an easy record to find (there’s a few copies on Discogs) but thankfully we can enjoy it via a Youtube stream. So who’s Meeks? The Yokohama act is a side project of the four piece Broken Little Sister, who released their own full length ‘Memories, Violet And Demons’ in 2010 (stream below). Here’s hoping for a vinyl re-issue of ‘Beatless’. *crosses fingers*

Meeks – ‘Beatless’ [Album stream]

Broken Little Sister – ‘Memories, Violet And Demons’ [Album stream]

Visit Meeks @ Discogs / Broken Little Sister @ Facebook.

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