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French psych/gazers Maria False will release their debut album ‘When’ on May 4 via A Quick One Records. The foursome wage war on perfect pitch by bending notes to oblivion in ‘Shadows’! A de-tuned, lo-fi rocker with a warped swagger (first public stream below). Having already listened through ‘When’, I can say that Maria False don’t hold back, it’s ambitious, colourful, and as overblown as ever. It’s a big step from their 2013 EP ‘Spots And Lines In A Frame‘, less noise-rock focused and insanely trippy! Maria False is the work of Yann Le Razavet, Bernard Marie Canévet, Matthieu Richard and Yann Canévet (also of Future and Venera 4).

Maria False – ‘Shadows’ [Premiere]

Visit Maria False @ Bandcamp @ Soundcloud @ A Quick One Records @ Facebook.