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La Casa al Mare‘s debut EP ‘This Astro‘ has landed, and it’s every bit as magical as we expected. The newcomers appeared (seemingly out of nowhere) last September with the ‘M’ single, a beautifully polished shoegaze anthem that plays out like an unearthed classic. Of course, it helps when the band features former members of Sea Dweller, My Violent Ego and La Calle Mojada (which explains their veteran sound). The EP release features five songs (including the two singles), with a bonus track (‘This Astro’) on the CD. It’s a good opportunity for those who haven’t picked up the previous singles to jump on board, and provides three extra songs (for those that have).

La Casa al Mare – ‘At All’ [Exclusive Stream]

The trio (Marco Poloni on vocals/bass, Paolo Miceli on drums, with Alessio Pindinelli on guitar and vocals) don’t hide their influences, ‘This Astro’ overtly borrows from the 90s. The My Bloody Valentine influence is clear, however they do add enough of their own charm to make it their own. It could also be argued that La Casa al Mare have much stronger vocal chords than their forefathers *dodges rotten tomatoes*. I suppose that’s how the sound has evolved, ‘This Astro’ capitalizes on the gorgeous sonic swells but supports them with catchy melodies (that aren’t overdone). The EP doesn’t bury too many sounds in the mix, you can still make out what’s going on, and there’s not an over indulgence in lo-fi aesthetics either.

‘I Don’t Want To’ gets the EP off to a punchy start. It’s a short blast of swooning tremolos and melodic haze which runs into ‘Sunflowers’, a reminder that, all this distortion and naval gazing doesn’t have to be depressing! Its choruses are light and positive, one of the highlights. ‘At All’ (first public stream above), is a straight ahead indie rocker that bridges into the sedate ‘Tonight Or Never’, a dream pop lullaby that shows us what La Casa al Mare sound like without all the fuzz. ‘CD Girl’ is an unassuming song, it washes over you without the same hooks as the other singles but is still a strong entry. The CD bonus cut ‘This Astro’ is their most experimental work yet, a five minute instrumental. It’s filled with reverb heavy sounds jutting into the mix. It forms a dissonant cacophony mid way, and almost falls into a heap before wondering into the fade out.

La Casa al Mare – ‘This Astro’ [EP stream – select cuts]

It’s difficult to fault the EP, but like many of you, I’d really like to hear what they’ll do on a full length. That’s my only complaint! If you’re a fan of the genre, ‘This Astro’ is a must listen. It’s a pleasure from start to finish (first listen through), and it’s one of the most exciting EPs I’ve heard in years. And to think, this is only the beginning.

Visit La Casa al Mare @ Bandcamp @ Facebook.

La Casa al Mare - 'This Astro' [EP]
  • A modern take on classic shoegaze
  • Big sound, big melodies!
  • An accomplished debut
  • It's not a full length (only 3 new songs)
4.1Overall Score
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