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German shoegaze outfit Jaguwar have teamed up with Pinmusik (Pretty In Noise Netlabel) to officially release their debut EP ‘I’ today (download). The Dresden-based trio formed in 2012 and first got our attention with an early demo of ‘Muffhead’. Since then they’ve released a finished video (below), self-released the EP and replaced their drummer. It’s hard to keep up! Plus they’ve played shows with the likes of Tamaryn, Yuck, Japandroids and The Megaphonic Thrift. Needless to say, ‘I’ is a sonic feast, full of break neck guitars, relentless drumming and soaring choruses. Jaguwar have come out firing and this is just the beginning!

Jaguwar – ‘I’ EP

Visit Jaguwar @ Bandcamp @ Soundcloud @ Tumblr @ Facebook.