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Perth solo artist Fait has posted her latest video ‘Surrender To’ ahead of her debut EP release ‘Atmosphere’ (out next month). It’s also a precursor to forthcoming live shows, the first time we’ve seen a full band setup. Fait (Elise Higgins) enlisted producer Darren Lawson for the recording, known for his work with Editors, My Bloody Valentine and White Lies. ‘Surrender To’ is a fantastic slow burner with a suspenseful “it’s going to get loud soon” opening and indeed it does! The wall of sonic mayhem is contrasted by a simple but groovy baseline. It’s a testament to Fait’s composition that the lack of vocals is a non issue. The industrial strobes of the video are a good fit, not far removed from the visual onslaught of classic Nine Inch Nails clips. It leaves little doubt that ‘Atmosphere’ will be a fantastic EP, given the strength of previous singles ‘Koto‘ and ‘Slow Glow‘.

Fait – ‘Surrender To’

Visit Fait online @ Soundcloud @ Facebook.

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