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Late June was a great time to be a shoegaze fan. Colour Of Spring released their self-titled EP, Blankenberge gave us the highly-praised ‘Radiogaze’, Au.Ra returned with ‘Cultivations’, and Deafcult unveiled a full length. ‘Auras’ is a must-listen debut (out now via Adelaide’s Hobbledehoy). It sits among my yearly faves. In fact, it was the soundtrack to many testing moments during 2017! The Brisbane-based shoegazers have grown plenty since turning heads with their brilliant self-titled EP back in 2015. The sextet (featuring members from The Gifthorse, Nuclear Summer and Roku Music) have some fresh recruits. Deafcult is now Innez Tulloch (on vocals/ guitar), Stevie Scott (on vocals/guitar and synth), Kelly Hanlon (guitar), Matt Bach (guitar), Allan McGregor (bass) and Nathan Crust on drums. That’s a lot of guitars!

The strength of ‘Auras’ is that it doesn’t rest on the formula that made their self-titled EP so popular. They could’ve thrown together a whole album of relentless noise pop but instead chose to test the waters. It’s packaged with a diverse collection of songs: from the slow building ‘Lemonade Beauty’; the poppy ‘Summertime’; the alt-rocking ‘Sparkle’ (hello Smashing Pumpkins); the title track (an electronic curveball); the synth-heavy ‘Echoes’ and the sedate dream pop of ‘Urusai’. Clearly Deafcult aren’t lacking inspiration or the ability to turn their ideas into ear candy. Such a treat, hope a follow-up comes quickly.

Deafcult – ‘Auras’ [Stream]

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