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Dead Leaf Echo are busy touring the USA on the back of their debut album ‘Thought And Language’ (available now through Neon Sigh). The New York-based trio have toured alongside Chapterhouse, The Psychedelic Furs, Ulrich Schnuass, A Place To Bury Strangers and Ringo Deathstarr among others and recently worked with John Fryer (Cocteau Twins, NIN) to mix the album. Guitarist and singer LG has taken a moment to answer a few questions about the new album, the tour and that special spot on the Beautiful Noise 20th Anniversary stage…

Your debut album ‘Thought And Language’ was released this month through Neon Sigh – congrats! What was involved in the recording process and are you happy with the result?

Cheers Jimmy. The recording process was heavily labored over almost 3 years….a bit too long for most but I wanted it to be right but we just keep going over budget while trying to tour at the same time….so it became a ping-pong back and forth of saving and spending.  As to the 2nd part of your question….I think contentment is the word to be used regarding the album….it’s time to move on to other things and get this off the chest.
Dead Leaf Echo – ‘Memory Traces’

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For those of us new to Dead Leaf Echo – how did the band begin?

The band started for fun and just artistic exercises but has survived through a lot of positive feedback and excitement over our 1st EP ‘Pale Fire” But after the 2nd EP and roughing it through the our first album it became more sheer determination and obsession to make it through.

We were formed in Manhattan as that’s where all members lived at the time but has now moved to Brooklyn over the past 5 years. All members are now located there and we rehearse there as well.

Dead Leaf Echo – ‘Kingmaker’

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Its already been a big year of shows – touring with Lorelei, The Ocean Blue and the Warlocks with more coming (Beach Fossils and the Telescopes). How has the tour been so far and what can punters expect when they see you guys live? The Beautiful Noise festival celebrates its 20th Anniversary in Arizona on April 27, you’re playing alongside Half String, Tennis System, Alisons Halo and more. Its an ambitious mix of newcomers and veterans – how excited are you to be there!?

Yes. This has by far been our busiest year yet and the shows have been amazing…we’ve put in more road time yet at this point than ever before I hope we can keep it up. Lorelei was amazing and the mini-tour with them was extremely satisfying. We have known them for years and those guys have such an amazing rapport with each other….it’s something that happens after playing 20 years together. Really stoked on their new record with Slumberland and glad to see that it could happen again – it picks up right where they left off. Once we got to Austin it just felt so good. We saw Experimental Aircraft (local Austin band) as soon as we got there at the Mohawk. Really amazing show and it was good to see Rachel from that band as we hadn’t seen her since our show with Chapterhouse. The Ocean Blue boys are real gems….absolutely professional and courteous. The showcase with them was a lot of fun…it’s an interesting match so I’m really excited to be playing with them again here in New York.

We’re lucky to be back out on the road with Tennis System and Slowness old west coast friends of ours and then later we have east coast shows with Heaven and Nightmare Air should also be a blast.

As far as the live show is concerned it’s a blissfest. Lights out and let the visuals take you away…..bring earplugs for the volume levels. Sensory levels taken up through the roof.

We’re dying in anticipation……This west coast tour is book-ended with 2 amazing festivals. The 1st being Part Time Punks mini-fest…with us and Beach Fossils and Half-String in one room and the Telescopes, LSD and Tennis System in the other…Brad Lerner from Medicine DJing the whole thing! It’s gonna be nutz…and so thrilled to be a part of it. It’s the best in old and new school under one roof.

Same goes for Beautiful Noise. What a tradition they’ve had in those desert festivals…with so many classic band coming together in the past we’re so elated to be on this bill not mention it being the 20th anniversary….What’s even more insane and on a another level is that we will be backing up Scott Cortez’s project Astrobrite (an old Beautiful Noise fave band). San Francisco, Sacramento, Las Vegas, Tucson – it’s gonna be a ride. Thanks – LG

Visit Dead Leaf Echo online @ Neon Sigh @ Soundcloud @ Facebook / Tickets for Beautiful Noise here.

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