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Over the past six months L.A’s Cordurouy Dream have posted two EPs. The ‘Fleshtone’ EP is the latest, featuring ‘Doll In Her’. There’s no arguing that the shoegaze project don’t hide their influences, but if you’re reading this then you probably love MBV too! The EP does throw something new into the mix though, like the contrasting acoustic guitar in the opener, and the bouncy title track. It’s delightfully warped. ‘Doll In Her’ is the “poppiest” of the bunch, and that’s saying something considering it ventures off into a noisy excursion shortly after delivering some hooky “oohhh ahhhs”. Not sure where the Cordurouy Dream train has come from, or where it’s going to, but I’m keen to hear more.

Cordurouy Dream – ‘Doll In Her’ [Fleshtone EP]

Visit Cordurouy Dream @ Bandcamp.

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