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New year, new release list. So what’s coming up? Here’s what we know… Dresden noise rockers Jaguwar deliver ‘Ringthing’ via Tapete on January 12. Take a listen to the ambitious lead track ‘Crystal’ below. Texan dream pop outfit Blushing are set to deliver their second EP ‘Weak’ on January 26. Its the follow-up to their well received four tracker ‘Tether’, released last January. Lowtide fans can look forward to the Melbourne band’s second album ‘Southern Mind’. Pick it up on February 16 via Rice Is Nice. Lead track ‘Alibi’ is awesome, hinting at a strong full length.

Travis Trevisan’s shoegaze project Tape Deck Mountain returns with a third album titled ‘Echo Chamber Blues’ on February 23. I loved 2013’s ‘Sway’, hopes are high for this one. On the same day Mexico’s Mint Field release ‘Pasar de las Luces’ featuring our first taste, ‘Ojos En El Carro’. It’s already attracted the attention of Noisey. Pinkshinyultrablast are also back, the Russian dream poppers are releasing a limited single pressing this February (‘In The Hanging Gardens’) before their next album ‘Miserable Miracles’ drops on May 4 (through Club AC30/Shelflife). Club AC30 is also releasing Air Formation‘s fifth album ‘Near Miss’ on March 9. Take a listen to their latest shoegaze anthem (‘Vanishing Act’) below. New York’s Heaven (Matt Sumrow and Mikey Jones) are set to unveil their latest album ‘All Love Is Blue’ on March 2 through Little Cloud.

Amusement Parks On Fire ended an 8 year silence in November with the release of their new single ‘Our Goal To Realise’ (via Saint Marie). The Nottingham rock vets will follow it up with an EP titled ‘An Archaea’ sometime in 2018. Cardiff foursome Wylderness posted the single ’72 & Sunny’ in early December. Their debut full-length is another one to look out for. Routine Death (the Swedish and Texan noise collaboration) will release their first album ‘Parallel Universes’ this Spring. Take a listen to the lead single ‘Life Inside A Vacuum’ below.

So what else can we expect? We know that several notable names have been busy in the studio, however we don’t have release dates yet. Here’s looking at you My Bloody Valentine, Slowdive, Ringo Deathstarr and Twin Studies! There’s also that Star Horse album we’ve been waiting for. Fingers are crossed.


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