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Fantastic slacker rock from British fuzz makers Whistlejacket! After drip feeding Soundcloud with new tunes over the past twelve months, the band are ready to unleash their first official release. Pick up ‘Mr. Melon’ on Whistlejacket’s self-titled EP (out November 24).

Whistlejacket – ‘Mr. Melon’

Visit Whistlejacket @ Soundcloud @ Tumblr @ Facebook.

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One Response

  1. Gabriel

    “I am a huge Interpol fan. (sic)”All right, that’s my attempt at snark. Now that that’s out of the way…I raelly disagree with your analysis. There’s not that much piano across the album. If it’s featured prominently, it’s often just a simple, economical melody line that soon gets covered over by building textures. The songs aren’t all slow. It’s true most are at a kind of medium tempo, but there’s only one truly slow song and a couple of uptempo tracks.I like the album, but it took a few listens to get there. I’m just glad the album is as focused as it is after the bastard album OLTA.