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The KVB push out an enigmatic mix of noise rock, darkwave and post punk that’s mashed together to create an audiovisual feast. Dark, stormy and provocative, there’s little room for fence sitting ears. You’re either going to lap it up or run screaming for the light switch. It’s been a big year for the London-based duo (Nicholas Wood & Kat Day), kicking off with ‘Immaterial Visions‘, followed by a remix EP and now the extended ‘Minus One‘ release plus there’s an impending tour with The Brian Jonestown Massacre on the horizon. This week I had a chat to The KVB to figure out how it all came together…

The KVB – ‘Again And Again’

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Your last LP ‘Immaterial Visions’ was released earlier this year, how has the response been and are you happy with the record?

We love that release; it’s a beautiful LP! The remix EP was equally so and we were especially honoured that artists such as Regis and Silent Servant etc created such wonderful interpretations of our work. Additionally, we felt that the visuals (ie sleeve design, ‘Shadows’ & ‘Dayzed’ videos) blended well with the sound and encapsulated the oeuvre of the record and our aesthetics as an audiovisual project.

Am I right in saying that The KVB started out in 2010 with Nicholas recording all the parts before Kat joined the group? How did it all come together?

It came together quite naturally. We collaborated on each other’s work – Nick contributed audio to Kat’s video art, and vice versa. Our interests and artistic direction seem to coalesce perfectly.

How do you manage producing such a big sound as a duo? Is it a difficult dynamic to manage on stage?

It’s deceptive; the drum machine is like an invisible member. Aside from that, our setup is quite minimal – two synths, guitar, vocals and lots of pedals.

How were you drawn to the cut throat sounds of noise rock and post punk? Do the dark overtones of The KVB come naturally?

Although there are dark tendencies, there was no melancholic intent whilst writing, it’s just how the inspiration flowed out… most material was written during periods of isolation in Southampton before Nick moved to London – so maybe the ‘cut throat’ sounds we are drawn to and create is just a natural reaction to the boredom of the suburbs.

‘Minus One’ was originally recorded in 2011, at home in less than a week! Tell us a little about those sessions and what fans can expect from the forthcoming extended edition.

It was shortly after we had first met, and Nick had also acquired some new equipment combined with a particularly dark, grey winter. It was a time of great inspiration with a longing to be elsewhere.

Previously, ‘Minus One’ was released as a digital only 6 track EP. However, now it has been remastered and extended to 8 tracks along with new artwork as a physical LP/CD and digital release.

There’s some really interesting sounds on ‘Minus One’. Like the creepy keyboards on ‘Endless’, brickwall guitars on ‘Something Inside’ and brutal basslines on ‘Dominance / Submission’. How did you approach these sounds?

It was an interest in conscious experience, and how sound can affect the listeners’ body and create immersive environments to be lost in.


What music have you been listening to lately? Any recommendations for SBWR readers?

Albums by Belong, Samuel Kerridge and The Holydrug Couple have been spun lots recently on our turntable.

Are you excited about your Australian tour next month with The Brian Jonestown Massacre? What can we expect from your live shows and are you prepared for the Aussie summer!? Bring sunscreen. Lots of it.

Well that goes without saying, of course we are excited! Expect haptic visuals, reverb soaked audio and jetlag induced mania.

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