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Eternal Summers are lapping up the Texas sunset at SXSW on the back of their third LP ‘The Drop Beneath’ (available now through Kanine Records). This time round the Roanoke trio teamed up with producer Doug Gillard (Doug’s really been about town – having played guitar with Guided By Voices, Nada Surf, Cobra Verde, Richard Buckner and many, many more). The collaboration resulted in Eternal Summers most focused (and perhaps best) album to date. It’s a little less raw but in all the right places. Lead single ‘Gouge‘ demonstrates how 90s twee rock nostalgia can still sound fresh, fun and most of all, relevant. Our second listen (the track ‘Never Enough‘) confirmed this again. How? Because there’s a real emotional undercurrent to these songs, it connects. Fans of the previous albums ‘Silver’ and ‘Correct Behavior’ should love this record and ‘The Drop Beneath’ is likely to win Eternal Summers more fans. Granted, it’s not the most creative album of the year, but it is a solid one. Thumbs up.

Eternal Summers – ‘100’

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Eternal Summers - 'The Drop Beneath'
3.7Overall Score
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