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Eternal Summers are readying their third record ‘The Drop Beneath’ (out via Kanine on March 4). The lead single ‘Gouge‘ received a lot of praise, and yesterday the second serving ‘Never Enough’ was premiered at COS (pre-order at Pledge Music). So far the trio’s singles are sounding a little less hazy and shoegazey than their 2012 LP ‘Correct Behavior’ but still with a 90s bent. It’s working for them, it’s sounding fresh. Meanwhile, Total Slacker’s ‘Slip Away’ LP has been given a battering this week for being a 90s throwback. It’s a tough line to walk but I can’t judge, my head is so far up the arse of the 90s it’d be like throwing stones in the dark! *grin*

Eternal Summers – ‘Never Enough’

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