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Cloud Control’s second album ‘Dream Cave’ has landed, the follow up to their 2010 award winner ‘Bliss’. The UK-based quartet (by way of the Blue Mountains) impressed most with their latest single ‘Scar’ but its not all happy days for the 60s psych revivalists. The bittersweet lyrics of lost love and heartbreak are pretty standard plus there’s some sojourns into experimentalism that aren’t fully realised. That aside, there’s also some solid songs on ‘Dream Cave’, enough to make it a worthy inclusion in their catalogue. Just not enough to see them dethrone fellow Aussies Tame Impala! ‘Happy Birthday’ is a highlight, with its vintage styled melodies (kind of like the Mamas & Papas with a distortion pedal) and it doesn’t take itself too seriously either, listen below…

Cloud Control – ‘Happy Birthday’

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