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There’s a bunch of new releases to check out this week, Pinkyshinyultrablast’s ‘Everything Else Matters’ (streaming here), Wildhoney’s ‘Sleep Through It‘ AND Cloakroom‘s ‘Further Out’. It’s the Indiana trio’s debut album proper, so far we’ve heard ‘Starchild Skull‘ and ‘Dream Warden‘, now it’s time to stream, purchase or pillage straight from Bandcamp (courtesy of Run For Cover Records)! The album is no nonsense rock n’ roll, a live sounding analogue recording that captures Cloakroom’s bold and ballsy tunes. The bummed out vocals are a perfect match for the blown out, detuned guitars. Stream the rest below…

Cloakroom – ‘Lossed Over’ [‘Further Out’ LP Stream]

 Visit Cloakroom @ Run For Cover @ Blogspot @ Bandcamp.

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