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Brian Jonestown Massacre have delivered their brilliant new record ‘Revelation’ this week (out through A Recordings). It marks the psych rock veterans fourteenth album and amazingly, they haven’t gone stale. While there’s been many public highs and lows for frontman Anton Newcombe, it seems that parenthood in Berlin has served his creativity well. It doesn’t take mountains of drugs to make an awesome BJM record after all!

Opener ‘Vad Hände Med Dem?’ is a jaunty number that moves into classic Brian Jonestown Massacre with ‘What You Isn’t’. It has that that trademark groovy swagger that’s timeless. ‘Unknown’ could’ve easily been released forty plus years ago, it’s got a glam rock charm to it. Everything about ‘Revelation’ feels effortless, like it always existed but finally made its way to tape. It works because the songs are great, simply put. It’s one of the band’s best, but let’s not forget ‘Methodrone’!  Stream the whole record over at The Quietus.

Visit Brian Jonestown Massacre online @ Tumblr @ A Recordings @ Facebook.

Brian Jonestown Massacre - 'Revelation'
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