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Here’s an exclusive listen to ‘Wrapped In Plastic’, the debut album from Blindness. It’s out today (on digital, disc and vinyl) through Saint Marie Records. The London-based trio craft relentless ass kickers with industrial swagger and noise rock intensity! Lead tracks ‘Confessions’ and ‘Serves Me Right’ are a testament to that. The group features veteran guitarist Debbie Smith (formerly of Curve, Echobelly and Snowpony), together with bassist Emma Quick and programmer/singer Beth Rettig. Brits can catch the album launch this Sunday (details at FB).

Blindness – ‘Wrapped In Plastic’ [Premiere]

Visit Blindness @ Saint Marie Records @ Facebook.

One Response

  1. alpo

    Thank You many times over! Blindness has rocked my world for a long time, and their songs always seem to sound better than you even remember them when they come up on shuffle. In a perfect world, this band would rule all charts!