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New from the Mexican Summer label, ‘Thru Me Again’, the eight track sophomore album by Chilean threesome La Hell Gang! It  takes us on a hazy, meandering trip to a psych-tinged landscape. From the muddy, swaying ‘Her Way Has Come’ to the hypnotically simple chords of ‘Sweet Dear’, La Hell Gang rely on their  full, reverb-heavy sound and bluesy psych sensibilities to hold it together.

The band know when to pile on biting layers for vintage rock blasts, and when to pull them back to a dreamy, mirage-like guitar wail that dyes Sweet Dear’s familiar tune in ‘Everywhere I Go.’ The Gang even have a “molten visual spinner” (as below) to occupy your mind while you tune out to the noisy closer ‘So High’. The album may lose focus as the band explore different sounds and indulge in 8-minute psych rock jams, but with the right mindset ‘Thru Me Again’ is a fun ride. [By Dave Lytton]
La Hell Gang – ‘Thru Me Again’ [Stream]

Visit La Hell Gang @ Bandcamp @ Facebook and find the vinyl or cd @ Mexican Summer.

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