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If you hadn’t noticed, Sounds Better With Reverb has been quiet for much of the year. Facebook followers got an announcement but apologies, an update should’ve been posted earlier. So what’s the deal!? Truth is, there hasn’t been any tragic event or health issue. Its much more mundane than that. A combination of increased family, study and work commitments had made regular blogging an impossibility. Its been a hectic seven day schedule all year. I kept thinking I’d be back the next week but kept getting derailed. Such is life. The listening continued, so did the listing, just not the posting. There wasn’t the minutes and I’ve missed the community, and missed sharing my finds. Sadly, that trend is likely to continue next year, in the new year it’ll be time to crawl back under a rock, though beyond that I’m hoping to do more with SBWR. It’s not the end.

Thanks to everyone who has kept in touch, kept sending music, kept following, or kept SBWR favourited. Now for the good news… a monster year-end list is almost ready for sharing. It’ll be posted before Christmas. It’s got an album list (that’s been a year-long work in progress) coupled with the most extensive playlist SBWR has done. It’s been a gigantic year for reverb fans, there’s so much to delve through. Seriously, strongest year in… years! To kick off, a handful of favourite releases from throughout the year have already been posted, with more on the way. Some you’ll know, with some lesser known listens as well. Time to get into it…


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  1. X

    Awesome!! Ive been visiting the site from time to time to check for activity glad to know that SBWR isn’t dead!