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The problem with running websites is, if you don’t consistently maintain, update and otherwise prune your technical back end, things go southward fast! I’m a little guilty of that, SBWR has had the same functionality and feel for several years now. That’s kinda like the rock n’ roll equivalent of Elliott Smith wearing the same t-shirt in consequent album covers. But just not as cool. So… over the coming weeks there will be some downtime on SBWR for tech fixes. And most likely, a complete site re-build. If you’re confronted with a landing page and can’t get through – apologies and thanks for your patience. Rest assured, I’m sure that three keyboards will be shattered in frustration before the build is done! If there’s anything you’d like added or changed to the site, please shout. Otherwise it’ll turn into such a complicated mess of style over substance that you may shatter a keyboard too! Would love to know your thoughts. Cheers.


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