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Almost twelve months after first hearing Fait‘s ‘Koto’, the multi-instrumentalist has released her debut EP ‘Atmosphere’ (available now @ iTunes). The Perth-based artist (Elise Higgins) has turned heads since posting ‘Slow Glow’ and more recently the ‘Surrender To‘ video. It rapidly attracted more than 13,000 views before being removed after someone flagged it as a health threat for having strobe effects lasting more than ten seconds. Hence, version number two is now live. Who knew that was a requirement!? Budding filmmakers take note!

Fait – ‘Koto’

While at its heart ‘Atmosphere’ is instrumental rock, Fait cuts her own musical path that tiptoes between ambient, post rock and her shoegaze influences. In doing so, she avoids the instrumental clichés we’ve come to expect. There’s no eight minute songs, we don’t have to endure minutes of repetitive riffs just to hit a predictable crescendo, and there’s no ten word (over the top) song titles either! This is a re-invention of sorts and a breath of fresh air. Of course, due credit also goes to producer Darren Lawson for his production talents in the studio. Darren is known for his work on My Bloody Valentine’s ‘MBV’, Pains Of Being Pure At Heart’s ‘Belong’, as well as engineering stints with White Lies, Razorlight, Wolfmother and Editors.

‘Atmosphere’ has two tracks we haven’t yet heard, the dramatic piano led ‘Halcyon’ and the subdued closing song ‘Lucid Dreaming’. Both of these focus on cinematic atmospheres that blend well on either side of the explosive ‘Surrender To’. Perhaps the greatest compliment to these songs is that there’s few moments where the absence of vocals is noticeable. While I can imagine where a vocalist might sing over ‘Slow Glow’, it’s really a non-issue.

As the five song collection wraps up we’re left wanting more, but it does play out like a self contained body of work. Fait’s ‘Atmosphere’ is among the best EPs covered on SBWR this year, it’s a memorable listening experience and pushes the genre forward. You don’t have to be a hardened post rock fan or high brow avante-garde stalwart to get into it, it’s accessible. Highly recommended! With fellow Perth natives Hyla in tow, Fait will soon hit the road, catch the launch show at The Bird on May 31.

Fait – ‘Slow Glow’

Visit Fait online / Download the ‘Atmosphere’ EP @ iTunes @ Soundcloud @ Facebook.

Fait - 'Atmosphere'
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