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Well this is creepy! But it’s also pretty darn awesome. The new single ‘In Another World’ by Denmark’s Sleep Party People. Last time we checked in with the electronic project (of Brian Batz) he was delivering 2012’s ‘Drifting On A Sad Song’. The multi-instrumentalist began in 2010, mixing the shoegaze sheen of MBV with some highly orchestrated dream pop. Things have changed, but this is fantastic, even if it does have you checking over your shoulder for the boogie man. ¬†Sleep Party People’s new album ‘Floating’ will be available via Riot Factory on May 30 (Scandinavia/Asia), rest of the world on June 2. Note: due to a ‘by region’ embargo you may not be able to stream this…yet. Hold tight!

Sleep Party People – ‘In Another World’

Visit Sleep Party People @ Riot Factory @ Facebook.