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The August 28 release date of Tamaryn‘s new album draws closer, and we’ve got another fresh tune to digest (thanks to a premiere over at Stereogum today). ‘Last’ blends Tamaryn’s heady dream pop with an 80s pop feel, a definite trend with the new material (‘Hands All Over Me’, ‘Softcore’ and ‘Cranekiss’). It’s a clear progression from the guitar bending era of 2010’s ‘The Waves’, though I do love those songs! Grab a pre-order via Mexican Summer.

Tamaryn – ‘Last’

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7 Responses

  1. Keith

    I am actually disapointed with Tamaryn’s latest sound. While is is nice, it isn’t anything unusual or interesting as the first 2 albums were. Ah well.

  2. Justin

    I agree with Keith, the new Tamaryn album is a real let down.

  3. deadsetgav

    I’m really liking it – It’s not got the guitars/sound of the older stuff but the songs are strong.

  4. Lane

    I initially had a hard time with her new album myself. “Hand All Over Me” almost brought me to tears at how poppy and uninspiring it was. After “Cranekiss” though I started to garner a little more faith in the album. The key is, you simply cannot compare it to her first two. Those are straight up shoegaze, and some of the best I have ever heard at that. Cranekiss as a shoegaze album is an utter failure. As a dream pop album though, its really quite good. Id almost view it as a side project Tamaryn headed up

  5. BobbyH

    The new album is growing on me slowly (a bit on the poppy side); but it will never compare to her original body of work with Rex Shelverton. Those albums were complete works of art from the singing/lyrics to the guitar work. The other disappointing part is that she isn’t playing old material at any of her new shows. So if you never saw Tamaryn before you will only hear new material and people who see her again next year will hear the same stuff most likely. I understand moving in a new direction but you shouldn’t brush aside your old music and original fans in my opinion.

    • jimmy

      Yep, I think that’s a fair point. Perhaps the live trend will change, seems a shame. 🙁

  6. James

    If you guys miss the Rex John Shelverton sound, make sure you check out his current band, Bellavista.
    And in reference to the comment above, sadly the old Tamaryn songs won’t be played live ever again, unless Rex returns for some reason. Tamaryn outsources her songwriting and musical talent (e.g., Rex, followed by Shaun Durkan).