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Go Guitars‘ the new LP from She Sir arrives this week through Shelflife Records (shop). As expected, this is a strong debut and a blessing for fans of jangle/dream pop and indie guitar bands in general. The “Debut” label is used loosely, as the Austin-based quartet have been making music together for close to a decade, and released their first shoegaze-inspired EP ‘Who Can’t Say Yes‘ in 2006. In fact, She Sir’s seasoned line-up features ex-members of The Mountain Goats, John Vanderslice and Ringo Deathstarr. For ‘Go Guitars’ She Sir smoothed out the edges and sharpened their melodies, like the effortlessly catchy ‘Condesendidents’ and ‘Kissing Can Wait‘. The album cuts are consistently solid, with sugary vocal hooks dusted with harmony and warm reverb. ‘Go Guitars’ is a beautiful record, for fans of Violens, Felt, Beach House and Real Estate.


Visit She Sir @ Shelflife @ Facebook.

She Sir - 'Go Guitars'
3.9Overall Score
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