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Floating Room came together largely by happenstance; Maya Stoner (Sabonis/Forest Park) and Kyle Bates (Drowse) discussed collaborating at a house party before being joined by bassist Alec Van Staveren. Together the Pacific Northwest trio have created one of the most raw, real and exciting dream pop records of the year. The ‘Sunless’ LP was released this week on Good Cheer Records, and it’s already been praised by Stereogum, She Shreds, and CLRVYNT. The emotion-charged lead songs ‘Fun’ and ‘Sad God’ are so good. However, there are several short, experimental interludes on the album which are both a strength and weakness. It’s great to have these odd, dreamy moments but they also make the record play out like a collection of demos that aren’t fully fleshed out (which may/or may not be the case). Regardless, I’m really impressed by ‘Sunless’ and I hope this collaboration continues to grow. Definitely worth your minutes…

Floating Room – ‘Sunless’ LP

Visit Floating Room @ Bandcamp.

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