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engineers-always returning-artwork

On August 11th UK-based genre crossers Engineers will release their fourth album, ‘Always Returning’ on the Kscope label. The album is written by multi-instrumentalist Mark Peters, who delivers his own breathy, lulling vocals for the first time, and features “the deft brush strokes of the ambient electronica producer and now fully-fledged Engineers member, Ulrich Schnauss.”

‘Flight or Fight’ is our first glimpse of the newest line up with Schnauss and drummer Matthew Linley and what a lovely impression it makes! Warm, ethereal synths swell and fall under layers of light, dreamy melodies, and delicately melancholy vocals. Schnauss‘ touch is on full display but doesn’t steal the limelight, making for a wonderful addition to Engineers wide reaching sound. [By Dave Lytton]
Engineers – ‘Fight Or Flight’

Visit Engineers @ Kscope @ iTunes @ Facebook.

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