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After several years collaborating, Tom Crandles & Tim Jenkins officially release their debut album as Au.Ra next week through Felte. ‘Jane’s Lament’ is nine tracks of dream pop bliss, with added shades of psychedelia and shoegaze. It’s no surprise that the LP plays out with an unassuming confidence, after all, they’ve both honed their creative powers through previous projects. Tim in Parades and Tom under many monikers, but perhaps best known as Colours.

‘Jane’s Lament’ was conceived following improvised jam sessions and then recorded between Sydney and London. The duo’s free flowing, relaxed approach rubs off in the music. There’s no fixed formula or predictable structure. Instead, the songs weave their way into your head, which makes it a very easy album to listen to. ‘Sun’ is one example, a beautiful tune that introduces a simple melody with a slacker delivery, then evolves into a psych’ed out instrumental with reversed guitars. It’s all so smoothly done, you may find yourself drifting off.

‘Pyramid’ is brilliantly understated, with bendy melodies and a shoegazey mid section that makes you forget where the song began. Later in the album these experimental sojourns get longer with ‘Talk Show’ and ‘Spare The Thought’. It gives the album great pacing even though much of it ambles around the same tempo. Au.Ra are so good at creating atmospheres, textures and moods that ‘Jane’s Lament’ has a meditative effect. It’s one of the most enjoyable listens I’ve had in 2015, another must for fans of jangle pop, psych or dream pop. There’s so many stellar albums coming out, next week we dive into new LP’s from Echo Lake, Venera 4 and Swervedriver! In the meantime, jump into the album stream below…

Au.Ra – ‘Jane’s Lament’

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Au.Ra - 'Jane's Lament'
  • Brilliant mix of psych & dream pop
  • Unpredictable songwriting
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3.8Overall Score
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