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Crystal Canyon – ‘Only In A Daydream’

Introducing Crystal Canyon, and their newly posted two tracker ‘Only In A Daydream‘ and ‘She Shines’. The four piece hail from Portland, Maine and sound full of promise on their debut. ‘She Shines’ is a fuzz-filled rocker (a la Swervedriver) whereas ‘Only In A Daydream’ (my preferred tune) dials it back for a widescreen slow mover, complete with boy/girl vocals that swoon til the end.

Crystal Canyon – ‘Only In A Daydream’

Visit Crystal Canyon @ Bandcamp @ Facebook.

Tape Deck Mountain – ‘Locations’ [Premiere]

It’s a pleasure to share an exclusive listen to ‘Locations’ from Tape Deck Mountain‘s forthcoming full length ‘Echo Chamber Blues‘ (out February 23). This is the third full length from Travis Trevisan’s shoegaze project, which follows 2013’s ‘Sway’ and 2009’s ‘Ghost’ (several EPs were released in between). Travis has worked with various musicians along the way; formerly as a San Diego trio, then in New York, and now based in Nashville with bassist Sully Kincaid and drummer Andy Gregg. As the presser states, the album reflects the political and religious climate following the 2016 election. This mood is reflected in the lead tracks ‘Loopers of Bushwick’ and ‘I Will Break U’.

‘Locations’ closes the album in epic, slow burning fashion. There’s shoegaze and psych textures throughout, however ‘Locations’ is more of a space rock/post-rock trip. Literally in fact, there’s mission control commentary sprinkled throughout the song. These samples marry with the album art and the cinematic scope of the track. It’s this atmosphere and rising tension that takes the spotlight, while Travis’ vocals sit in the background. The repeating vocal line “we are where we want to be” is a somewhat ironic swan song to the record given its political context.

‘Echo Chamber Blues’ pre-orders are available now (which include the clear vinyl option and CD) over at Bandcamp. Tennessee locals can see Tape Deck Mountain live this week (January 17) with True Widow at the Mercy Lounge, Nashville, and at the Cobra with Inscape on March 3.

Tape Deck Mountain – ‘Locations’ [Premiere]

Visit Tape Deck Mountain @ Bandcamp @ Facebook.

Relay Tapes – ‘By Now’

Relay Tapes have delivered five singles since December, including their latest ‘By Now’. There’s some impressive tunes in the crop, check ’em out. The Brisbane-based shoegaze act have already earned praise from Unearthed listeners. However, little else is known about the newcomers. Who knows, maybe they’ll conquer the globe in 2018?

Relay Tapes – ‘By Now’

Visit Relay Tapes @ Bandcamp.

Notme – ‘Mask’

Notme‘s second EP ‘Mask‘ is worth a listen. The project started from the lo-fi creations of Winnipeg’s Isiah Schellenberg before growing into a fully fledged four piece. Their 90s influences shine through on the five track collection, which covers a range of sonic territory. The Sonic Youth-sounding ‘Moth’ is one of my faves. As Isiah puts it, the band “is flipping the downside up and putting the sparkle in your tears. Equally washed out and jangled – will you weep or will you sway?”

Notme – ‘Mask’ [EP Stream]

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Jaguwar – ‘Ringthing’

J A G U W A R unleash their surprising new record ‘Ringthing‘ this week via Tapete / Norman Records (UK) / Forced Exposure (USA). The German shoegazers are known for their abrasive noise rock and crushing approach. However, this time round the trio switches up their sound with a noise-pop approach. Right from the opener (‘Lunatic’) it’s clear that Jaguwar are taking a new direction with ‘Ringthing’. It’s a more accessible offering than previous efforts; with hooky vocal lines and upbeat, positive melodies. If you’re after a shot of fresh noise pop for the new year then ‘Ringthing’ is here for you! Stream select cuts and take a look at the lead tune ‘Crystal’ below…

Visit Jaguwar @ Bandcamp @ Facebook.

Swirlpool – ‘Camomile’

New year, new bands! Meet Swirlpool, who released their first tune/video for ‘Camomile’ this week. It’s a confident rocker for fans of Newmoon, Flyying Colours or Cheatahs. The German shoegazers plan to release their debut EP this Spring.

Swirlpool – ‘Camomile’

Visit Swirlpool @ Bandcamp @ Facebook.