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Pinkshinyultrablast – ‘In The Hanging Gardens’ [Video]

Russia’s Pinkshinyultrablast are all set to unleash their third long player ‘Miserable Miracles’ on May 4. The dream pop champs are moving in a more electronic direction with their latest, there’s also been some line-up changes (they’re now a trio) and singer Lyubov has relocated to Los Angeles. Ch-ch-changes (sorry, couldn’t help myself)! Pinkshiny’s been busy, today posting a video for ‘In The Hanging Gardens’ (as below). Plus they’re celebrating a 10 year anniversary with a UK tour this May. Pre-order ‘Miserable Miracles’ via Club AC30 (UK) or Shelflife (USA).

Pinkshinyultrablast – ‘In The Hanging Gardens’ [Video]

Visit Pinkshinyultrablast @ Club AC30 @ Facebook.

Secrets Of The Third Planet – ‘Stars’

Secrets Of The Third Planet have dropped my jaw with a stellar space rocker called ‘Stars’ in the lead up to their new album ‘Bird Station‘ (out April 4). The Russian quartet produce a mix of ambient rock, post-rock and shoegaze. Their work aims to push the boundaries of songwriting; with progressive structures and much sonic bliss. The two public ‘Bird Station’ tracks each run over eight minutes and are brimming with ideas, noise and unpredictability. S3P, you have my attention!

Secrets Of The Third Planet – ‘Stars’

Visit Secrets Of The Third Planet @ Bandcamp @ Facebook.

White China – ‘Freak Dreams’

Here’s a dark n’ dreamy lo-fi cut courtesy of White China. It’s the work of producer Gianluca Buccellati, his brother Sanj, together with Aaron Bernards. ‘Freak Dreams’ is a sparse arrangement, there’s plenty of space between the synths and vocals. Its has a claustrophobic feel that is whisper-in-your-ear intimate. White China’s debut album ‘I‘ will be released this June.

White China – ‘Freak Dreams’

Visit White China @ Soundcloud @ Instagram.

Echo Ladies – ‘Echo Ladies’ [EP]

Malmö trio Echo Ladies have released their debut EP and it’s worth your minutes. The Swedes land somewhere between indie pop and noise, as influenced by Slowdive, The Radio Dept, Alvvays, The Cure, and Echo & The Bunnymen. The school buddies (Matilda Bogren, Mattis Andersson and Joar Andersén) have been making music as Echo Ladies since 2014, and have a handful of UK tour dates booked for next month. Pick up the EP via Sonic Cathedral.

Echo Ladies – ‘Echo Ladies’ [EP Stream]

Visit Echo Ladies @ Bandcamp @ Facebook.

Drowse – ‘Cold Air’

Drowse returns with a dark, honest and brave record of mixed moments. ‘Cold Air’ is the second long player from the Portland-based project, a collection of songs to commiserate to. There’s some really beautiful tunes on this album, which is probably why the initial purple vinyl sold out in a snap. Frontman Kyle Bates has endured much during its nine month recording stint, including battles with mental illness, Klonopin and alcohol. ‘Cold Air’ serves up many emotions as a result, which sound/feel as real as it gets. If you’re after the vinyl, head here.

Drowse – ‘Cold Air’ [Album Stream]

Visit Drowse @ Bandcamp @ Facebook.

Alles Club – ‘Quanto Tempo’

Brazillian dream poppers Alles Club delivered their latest single ‘How Much Time’ (or ‘Quanto Tempo’) this week, a breezy lo-fi gem. It follows their ‘1999’ EP and last year’s ‘Eclipse’ single. ‘How Much Time’ is an interesting listen, definitely did not expect the trumpet to kick in! Looking forward to a full length.

Alles Club – ‘Quanto Tempo’ (or ‘How Much Time’)

Visit Alles Club @ Bandcamp @ Facebook.