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The Prids – ‘Do I Look Like I’m In Love?’

The Prids released their new album ‘Do I Look Like I’m In Love?’ this week (available through This-a-Way Records). The Portland-based band unveiled several videos to support the release, including the retro video-game stylings of ‘Mangled Hearts’. The album serves up something for fans of dream pop and indie pop. Stream ‘Do I Look Like I’m In Love?’ in full at Spotify.

The Prids – ‘Mangled Hearts’

Visit The Prids @ This-a-Way Records @ Facebook.

Dorvin Borman – ‘Wrath’ [Premiere]

Introducing Dorvin Borman‘s debut single ‘Wrath’, it’s an impressive tune that’s part dream pop, part jangle pop. It’s the work of Los Angeles-based solo artist Devin Bierman who wrote, recorded and produced it DIY. It’s a song about attempting to overcome homebody anxiety in the hope of promoting progress through introspection. In his words, “a meditation on overcoming anxiety in the gut of a city that doesn’t need you to think for it”. Borman sings, “lying down in the city speaker, feeling the wrath of it all… Can I follow you and do what you do in your reverie…”

‘Wrath’ delivers delicate vocal harmonies with lo-fi charm over a wonky drum machine. The latter half of the song opens up into a chilled instrumental break, a nice contrast. The song is heavily inspired by Brutalist architecture and Jean-Luc Godard films, as well as artists and bands such as the Radio Dept., Melody’s Echo Chamber, and Cocteau Twins. A debut EP release is in the works (release date TBC) with more songs on the way in the coming months.

Dorvin Borman – ‘Wrath’ [Premiere]

Visit Dorvin Borman @ Soundcloud.

Ride – ‘Catch You Dreaming’

Ride will release a fresh EP next month! You read correctly. ‘Catch You Dreaming’ has just been posted, the new song and the November single ‘Pulsar’ will both be on the ‘Tomorrow’s Shore’ EP (available February 16). A release show in London will take place on the same night to launch the release. The EP was recorded during the ‘Weather Diaries’ sessions with producers Erol Alkan and Alan Moulder.

As posted on SPIN, Ride’s Andy Bell explains, “Catch You Dreaming is written from the perspective of being one of the last two people alive, watching as the Universe is ending. The protagonist looks back over the time when humanity existed, realising that we as humans brought about our own inevitable demise. Then the couple look back over their own lives of shared memories and as they are sharing this moment, everything vaporises. It’s a love song about fate, nostalgia, and having no regrets.”

Launch tickets & vinyl preorders are available here!

Visit Ride @ Web @ Facebook.

Tiny Fireflies – ‘2040’

Chicago dream-poppers Tiny Fireflies are back with a beautiful new tune called ‘2040’. The talents of Lisle Mitnik (Fireflies) and Kristine Capua (Tiny Microphone) last impressed with 2015’s ‘The Space Between‘. Fans can expect ‘2040’ on a forthcoming 7inch (release date to be announced).

Tiny Fireflies – ‘2040’

Visit Tiny Fireflies @ Bandcamp @ Facebook.

Twin Oaks – ‘Living Rooms’ EP

Twin Oaks‘ fans can soak up four fresh songs on the ‘Living Rooms‘ EP. The Los Angeles duo (Aaron Domingo and Lauren Brown) have crafted an intimate set of dream pop meets folk songs, recorded live during several DIY sessions. ‘Living Rooms’ is ideal for late night listens (a la Widowspeak, Black Ryder or Mazzy Star). Red wine optional!

Twin Oaks – ‘Living Rooms’ [EP Stream]

Visit Twin Oaks @ Bandcamp @ Facebook.

Indoor Voices – ‘Always The Same’

Here’s a peaceful way to kick off 2018, some uber-chilled ambient dream pop from Indoor Voices! It’s only a demo, but it is Indoor Voices (a long-term fave). The Canadian recording project is helmed by Jonathan Relph, who always delivers something surreal and special. The repeating synth arpeggio in ‘Always The Same’ is a nice contrast to the washed out sounds of the track. It’s is a hypnotic listen in which I quietly contemplated lowering my expectations for the new year *grin*. Meanwhile, I’m hoping Indoor Voices returns with a new album before long.

Indoor Voices – ‘Always The Same’

Visit Indoor Voices @ Bandcamp @ Facebook.