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In October Dråpe gave us their second full length ‘Relax/Relapse’ via Norwegian label Riot Factory, and recently premiered a 60s-styled video for ‘Round And Around’ (via Konbini). The quintet have evolved immensely since forming in 2010, and have faced more changes recently with the departure of Hanne (singer), and the return of Eirik (keys/guitar). I do miss the bendy days of their debut, and Hanne’s femine touch, but Dråpe’s brand of trippy psych pop is always refreshing (especially when recorded on 24 track tape)! ‘Relax/Relapse’ plays out like a sprawling daydream, and it’s catchier than ever. Check out this recent interview with Ja Ja Ja for the full low down.

Dråpe – ‘Round And Around’

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