You Are Not Real – ‘I Remember Experiencing…’


Creepy cover art huh!? Right up in your retinas! It’s a surprise to hit play and find a contrasting wave of chilled awesomeness! I don’t know much about You Are Not Real, other than it comes from the UK and they’d “rather stay anonymous”.

You Are Not Real – ‘I Remember Experiencing Life On A Journey Home And Forgetting How it Felt’

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Viscous Liquid – ‘Never Fun’


You know when someone blasts an awesome track in the next room but you can’t quite hear it? That’s the kinda feeling I get from ‘Never Fun’. There’s an intentional obscuring of sound going on, like your cochlea window is closed but your eardrum’s bedroom door is left slightly ajar. Or… perhaps I just need more sleep. Viscous Liquid is a solo artist from Reading, there’s a bunch more tunes over at Soundcloud to discover.

Viscous Liquid – ‘Never Fun’

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Skinny Dream – ‘Crush’

Crush‘ comes from Southend, British shoegazers Skinny Dream. The band (of three brothers –  Luke, James and Dan) together with drummer Kieran Ambrose, are set to release their debut single ‘Crush’ on April 21, followed by the EP ‘Crushing’ on May 5. Sporting infectious tremolo-riding guitars, sunny vocal hooks and a wall of sound behind them, there’s no telling where Skinny Crush will end up (if sibling rivalry doesn’t get the better of them)!

Skinny Dream – ‘Crush’

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