Baby Fire – ‘Water’

baby fire-water

‘Water’ is the eclectic debut single from Baby Fire; self described as 50% Cocteau Twins and 50% Shonen Knife. The Tokyo trio create a unique, dreamy, slacker punk sound that’s difficult to pin down. Hence my terrible description! Keep an ear out for their forthcoming EP. In the meantime, pick up a copy of ‘Water / Indigo’ here.

Baby Fire – ‘Water’

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The Florist – ‘Blood Music’

the florist-blood music

The Florist‘s new long player ‘Blood Music’ is out now featuring the lead singles ‘Disintegration’ and ‘Marigold’. The Tokyo-based shoegaze outfit aren’t afraid to push their vocal melodies to the front of the mix, serving up an accessible collection of eleven songs. It’s not all full tilt rock action, as the opener ‘Disintegration’ demonstrates. Definitely worth checking out, especially if you enjoyed the ‘Dark Entries’ LP or their ‘Middle Of Winter’ EP from 2013. ‘Blood Music’ is available now via iTunes (worldwide) and CDJapan.

The Florist – ‘Blood Music’

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Oeil – ‘Myrtle’


Chances are you’ve heard ‘Myrtle’, the title track from Oeil‘s latest EP (out now via Hands And Moment), but you may not have heard the whole stream which was recently posted on Youtube (thanks to Japanese Shoegaze). The Tokyo-based trio formed in 2007 and released their debut EP ‘Urban Twilight’ followed by the singles ‘Half Dreaming’, ‘After The Rain’ and ‘Scent’. The band’s MBV influence is obvious, they nail that classic sound on opener ‘Blurred Lights’ and ‘Memories Of The Past’ however the remaining songs are a complete contrast, with a jangle pop/twee feel. Judge for yourself, the EP stream is below…

Oeil – ‘Myrtle’ [EP Stream]

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Magic Love – ‘Growing Organism’


Tokyo shoegazers Magic Love recently released their second EP ‘Dawn‘ featuring ‘Growing Organism’. The trio pay homage to the classics with swooning guitars, hushed vocals and loads of noise. The vocals are a little pitchy but that doesn’t sink the ship (thankyou reverb)! Japanese fans can see Magic Love live at Shinjuku Motion on December 13. Stream/download the rest here.

Magic Love – ‘Growing Organism’

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