Echo & The Bunnymen – ‘The Cutter’

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In 1983 while the world was still digesting Michael Jackson’s moonwalk, Britain’s Echo & The Bunnymen had their first top ten hit with ‘The Cutter’. Meanwhile, U2 were the rock kings, producing some of their best work like ‘Sunday Bloody Sunday’ and ‘New Year’s Day’. In some way’s Echo & The Bunnymen were U2’s evil twin. Perhaps that’s stretching it a little…and plus I’m no U2 fan. But they were both in search of the biggest rock anthem.

I’d argue what Echo & The Bunnymen lacked in consistency they made up for in depth. I’ve come late to the party on this band, only really paying attention in the last few years, I was still wearing bibs and nappies during the band’s prime. But in hindsight, the influence of songs like ‘Killing Moon’ and ‘The Cutter’ reaches out. When the horn section really kicks in about half way through ‘The Cutter’ it sounds very much like Arcade Fire’s ‘Neon Bible’ anthemic era.

But it goes both ways, the guitar work towards the end sounds inspired by U2’s The Edge but is hidden in the mix. There’s alot going on here! One second you’re hearing indian inspired guitar work, then a string section pops in, and then you get kicked in the face with a horn section! Great stuff. / Grab the album ‘Porcupine‘ from iTunes.