Orange – ‘Starwheel’


Saint Marie Records have been hard at work on the next installment of their Classic Shoegaze Reissues series. Part three features albums from The Emerald Down, Orange and February, all reproduced on fancy disc and coloured vinyl. A pledge campaign is now under way – hit that up here! In related news, The Texan label has also announced a special vinyl re-release of Trespassers William’s stellar debut LP ‘Anchor’ (available on Record Store Day – April 16).

Orange – ‘Starwheel’

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Holy Wave – ‘Freaks Of Nurture’

holy wave-freaks of nurture

Holy Wave return with their third album ‘Freaks Of Nurture’, a confident blend of southern psych, folk and surf rock. The fact that it’s all wrapped in warm reverb is an added bonus! The Austin rockers premiered the album via COS and it’s well worth a listen. ‘Freaks Of Nurture’ is out March 11 via The Reverberation Appreciation Society.

Holy Wave – ‘Freaks Of Nurture’ [Album Stream]

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Walking Misery – ‘Stay’


After posting a handful of demo songs last year, Walking Misery have well and truly hit their stride with their latest single ‘Stay’. The Denton, Texas foursome combine melodic hooks with a post-hardcore density and shoegaze sheen. For fans of Cloakroom, Nothing.

Walking Misery – ‘Stay’

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Ringo Deathstarr – ‘Stare At The Sun’ [Video]

ringo deathstarr-pure mood

Ringo Deathstarr go paws out in their new video for ‘Stare At The Sun’, featuring a dog-only cast (via Noisey). It’s amazing, their make-up is so life-like that it’s hard to tell which band member is which dog!? *wink* Director Thomas Humphreys puts a dark spin on the feline exploits, switching between sad/creepy and hilarious shots. If you missed the Texan shoegazers latest album ‘Pure Mood’ then get involved, on tour now (dates).

Ringo Deathstarr – ‘Stare At The Sun’ [Video]

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Bloom – ‘Rise’ [Video Premiere]


To celebrate Bloom‘s debut single ‘Rise’, we’ve got an exclusive first look at their new video! The quintet sound like a classic British rock act that’s been unearthed from the archives, but nope, Bloom hail from San Antonio Texas. This one’s for fans of Ride, Oasis, The Charlatans UK, and Chapterhouse! The three track vinyl features the stand out title track, the stadium-ready rocker ‘Overflow’, and a trippy tune called ‘Satellite’. Plus there’s a bonus digital download of an acoustic remix of ‘Rise’. The single packs polish, punch and promise. Pick up a copy via Photobooth Records on digital or freshly pressed vinyl.

Bloom – ‘Rise’ [Video Premiere]

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Ringo Deathstarr – ‘Pure Mood’

ringo deathstarr-pure mood

Shoegaze faves Ringo Deathstarr return with their latest full length ‘Pure Mood’ (available through Club AC30 [UK] or Norman Records [UK], The Reverberation Appreciation Society [USA], and Vinyl Junkie [Japan]). The Texan trio always provide a rush of energy, melody and noise. The first public songs ‘Big Bopper’, ‘Guilt’ and ‘Stare At The Sun’ are worth the price of admission alone. In lieu of a public album stream, there’s also a non-album track to sink your teeth into; a cover of T’Pnau’s ‘Heart And Soul’. So, is ‘Pure Mood’ another must listen? Let’s dig in…

There’s plenty of “rock god” moments on this album, there’s more riff-centric guitar work (‘Heavy Metal Suicide’ for example), than we’ve heard from them before. Plus there’s several cutting guitar solos that are super entertaining (‘Frisbee’), these work a treat to break up the chaos. Production wise there’s multi-layered everything, a crushing wall of rock goodness! The vocals sit high in the mix, so there’s no straining to make them out. However there’s so many compressed layers it has a similar, obscuring effect. That said, the shoegaze label isn’t very accurate here. There’s not a whole lot of reverb, swooning or wallowing going on! Instead, we’ve got a full frontal noise pop explosion. ‘Never’ for instance, is an absolute punk rock pummelling!

On the critical side, some of the album cuts lack the songwriting sharpness we’ve come to expect. The aforementioned singles have a depth and impact that’s not evenly spread. The party really kicks off at track five (‘Big Bopper’) and then there’s no looking back. Despite this, the creative trajectory that ‘God’s Dream’ started continues with ‘Pure Mood’, only this time we’re hearing some other strengths. We’re hearing legit musicianship, some serious technical chops! I’m not suggesting this wasn’t always the case, but on this album we can really hear it. Touring has been kind, it’s turned Ringo Deathstarr into serious shredders! \m/ Just listening to those bass lines makes my hands hurt.

‘Frisbee’ and ‘Never’ are faves, but the closing song ‘Acid Tongue’ is my favorite. It’s a devastating rocker, ‘Acid Tongue’ slays! Thing is, for much of ‘Pure Mood’ we’re in awe of Alex’s sugary vocal melodies but on the closer, it’s Elliott’s time to shine. He takes over the lead vocal duties, sets his guitar to “seek and destroy”, and opts for a metaphorical headbutt to finish it off. “Thanks for coming… now cop this!” The song sums up what ‘Pure Mood’ is all about, dense rockers that don’t mess about. It’s not a “perfect” album, there’s peaks and valleys (so to speak), but there’s few bands this fun. Meanwhile, there’s a freighter carrying my vinyl copy across the Atlantic and I wish it would get a move on!

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Ringo Deathstarr - 'Pure Mood'
  • Explosive noise pop!
  • 'Guilt' and 'Acid Tongue' are brilliant
  • Lots of fun
  • Less cohesive than previous efforts
  • Opening lacks punch
3.8Overall Score
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