Relay Tapes – ‘Semblance’ [EP]

A few weeks back we heard ‘By Now’ by Aussie shoegazers Relay Tapes. This week the Brisbane natives delivered a fresh EP called ‘Semblance’. It’s four tracks of Relay Tapes finding their footing; from the droning opener ‘Jellyfish’, to the aforementioned single, and the sparse closer ‘Blindly’. It’s an early taste, but Relay Tapes are one of 2018’s exciting prospects. More please!

Relay Tapes – ‘Semblance’ [EP Stream]

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Wylderness Share Their Top 3 Shoegaze Albums

British shoegazers Wylderness (Chet, Phil, Marz and Oli) share their favourite shoegaze albums of all-time, with a Youtube playlist to match! It follows their impressive ’72 and Sunny’ single (as streaming below). So far Wylderness have received airplay from Amazing Radio and BBC Radio Wales, along with live shows alongside Pinkshinyultrablast and Acid Mothers Temple. The Cardiff/London-based band are currently readying their debut album with producer Rory Atwell (of Veronica Falls, Telegram, and Palma Violets fame). The future is looking bright, and from what I’ve heard, it’s going to be special! So here ’tis, Wylderness’ albums picks…

My Bloody Valentine – ‘Loveless’

If there’s one record that defines shoegaze it has to be ‘Loveless’. The record is full of fuzzy guitars, keys and layers of dreamy vocals which swirl, bend and crawl to wrap you up in a blanket of noise. Three of us were at Primavera Festival in 2009 and saw My Bloody Valentine. It was just the most incredible and intense live experience, and we couldn’t get over how loud they were outdoors on a festival stage.

Chapterhouse – ‘Whirlpool

Whirlpool mixes together psychedelia, jangly pop, nasal The Jesus & Mary Chain guitars, sustained vocal harmonies, and throws in some Sonic Youth-esque freak outs for good measure (on songs like ‘Autosleeper’ and ‘Guilt’). The drums on ‘Pearl’ and ‘Falling Down’ really stand out as they have this processed, almost mechanical sound to them.

Ride – ‘Nowhere

‘Nowhere’ was Ride’s first full length album, following on from three EPs. It’s full of great pop songs drenched in frantic wiry guitars, psychedelia, string sections and full-on noise freak outs.

WYLDERNESS’ Youtube playlist

Only Shallow
To Here Knows When

Falling Down

Vapour Trail

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Collapse – ‘Tokyo / Meadow’ [Delirium Poetry]

Japanese noisemakers Collapse release their second EP ‘Delirium Poetry’ this week (get it thru Disk Union). It follows their 2016 self-titled debut EP and the ‘Curse/Drop‘ single. Check out Collapse’s lead single/video for ‘Meadow’ below, it’s a great listen. Hopefully the full release hits Bandcamp soon. *crosses fingers*

Collapse – ‘Tokyo’ / ‘Meadow’ [taken from the Delirium Poetry EP]

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Blushing – ‘Weak’ [EP]

Blushing have delivered their confident sophomore EP ‘Weak’ (out via Austin Town Hall Records). It was recorded at Bad Wolf Recordings in Texas, and arrives a year after their debut EP ‘Tether’ first impressed. The Texans launched the EP on the weekend with a show alongside Ringo Deathstarr, also Austin natives. Since forming 2015 the quartet have walked a line between indie, dream pop and shoegaze. They are uniquely comprised of two husband and wife pairs. Kudos to them. I’d be arguing too much to create! Rather, Blushing craft solid melodies that are influenced by acts like the Cocteau Twins and The Sundays. They balance the pretty with the gritty; from the sugary and dreamy ‘Bliss’ to the noisier ‘Hidden Places’. The digital, vinyl and cassette varieties are available now.

Blushing – ‘Weak’ [EP Stream]

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Cordurouy Dream – ‘Doll In Her’

Over the past six months L.A’s Cordurouy Dream have posted two EPs. The ‘Fleshtone’ EP is the latest, featuring ‘Doll In Her’. There’s no arguing that the shoegaze project don’t hide their influences, but if you’re reading this then you probably love MBV too! The EP does throw something new into the mix though, like the contrasting acoustic guitar in the opener, and the bouncy title track. It’s delightfully warped. ‘Doll In Her’ is the “poppiest” of the bunch, and that’s saying something considering it ventures off into a noisy excursion shortly after delivering some hooky “oohhh ahhhs”. Not sure where the Cordurouy Dream train has come from, or where it’s going to, but I’m keen to hear more.

Cordurouy Dream – ‘Doll In Her’ [Fleshtone EP]

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Crystal Canyon – ‘Only In A Daydream’

Introducing Crystal Canyon, and their newly posted two tracker ‘Only In A Daydream‘ and ‘She Shines’. The four piece hail from Portland, Maine and sound full of promise on their debut. ‘She Shines’ is a fuzz-filled rocker (a la Swervedriver) whereas ‘Only In A Daydream’ (my preferred tune) dials it back for a widescreen slow mover, complete with boy/girl vocals that swoon til the end.

Crystal Canyon – ‘Only In A Daydream’

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