Deafcult – ‘Deafcult’ [EP]


Deafcult are a fresh collective from Brisbane who produce ear bleeding noise pop and shoegaze. Their seven track debut landed this week, and it comes highly recommended! The six piece features current and former members of Nuclear Summer, Roku Music and The Gifthorse. ‘Throwing Sparks’ and ‘Akira’ are amazing tracks. Stream this puppy now…

Deafcult – ‘Deafcult’ [EP Stream]

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Everyone But Me – ‘Isn’t Far’


Everyone But Me released their debut EP this week, and it’s worth checking out. The five track collection is full of epic shoegaze anthems with loads of charm. The Ohio-based duo (Nick Bain and Jason Grady) formed in 2013, and have been polishing these tunes for the past year. Their efforts have paid off, thumbs up!

Everyone But Me – ‘Isn’t Far’ [EP Stream]

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Mirror Days – ‘Never Home’


L.A’s Graham Harrington (aka Mirror Days) returned to his hometown of Detroit, Michigan to record a split with Kip Carie’s solo project (Sardonic Sunshine). The result speaks for itself, it’s beautiful work. Mirror Days should sit well with fans of The Radio Dept, whereas Kip’s work is more of a fuzz explosion! Grab a download here.

Mirror Days – ‘Never Home’

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Mumrunner – ‘Full Blossom’ EP


Soliti present Mumrunner‘s ‘Full Blossom’ EP, now available digitally (with vinyl on the way this July through Wolves & Vibrancy Records). The Finland foursome craft melodic reverb rockers that meld post punk, dream pop and shoegaze. It’s a delicate combination of pop hooks with a rock delivery, not many bands pull it off but Mumrunner make it sound easy. The lead single ‘Bond’ immediately impressed and the remaining four EP cuts are also worth your while.

Mumrunner – ‘Full Blossom’ EP

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93MillionMilesFromTheSun – ‘Fall Into Nothing’


93MillionMilesFromTheSun have dropped their new album ‘Fall Into Nothing’! It arrives on the back of February’s ‘Watch Her Fall’ EP and features fifteen epics tunes (including interludes). The Doncaster trio have always enjoyed pushing the sonic boundaries, blurring the line between noise rock, shoegaze and drone. ‘Fall Into Nothing’ is well rounded, unpredictable and uncompromising. Even though album number four packs the same noise assault as previous releases, it doesn’t lack melody. ‘Fall Into Nothing’ is available on CD and digital here, plus there’s a fresh interview at The Big Takeover.

93MillionMilesFromTheSun – ‘Fall Into Nothing’

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