Flyying Colours Talk New Album, Shoegaze & Bowie


Early in 2013 we got our first taste of Flyying Colours with the single ‘Wavygravy’. A precursor to the tone bending, whammy riding rock to come! Fans of Ride, Pale Saints, MBV or Swervedriver are already all over this band. The four piece come from a growing Melbourne psych/shoegaze scene, that includes contemporaries Miniatures, Lunaire, White Caves, Luna Ghost, Sunbeam Sound Machine and Lowtide. Fresh from the release of their debut EP, Flyying Colours chat to SBWR about and their beginnings, influences and future album plans.


Just last month your debut EP was released in the UK and US on Club AC30 / Shelflife – congrats! What’s the response been like so far?

It has been great! Our disc isn’t available O/S so it’s been fantastic for the EP to be available for everyone who has been asking for it. A lot of people have also been asking about a vinyl release here in Australia so it will be great to have it available here too.


What went into creating the EP? Had these songs been floating about for awhile or was it a quick studio visit?

The EP was our first release so the whole idea had been around for a little while. The songs have existed in various forms for a few years and we had several demo versions of most of the tracks before heading in to the studio.


Sydney has created a “Live Music Taskforce” to try and save the dwindling live scene. How’s the Melbourne live circuit? A little healthier?

Some days it feels like everyone I meet is in a band, which is great. The scene here in Melbourne is very strong and I can only see it getting stronger.


How important has it been to get local radio airplay? Triple J for example, as opposed to looking internationally?

I could probably count the number of times we have been played on JJJ on my fingers and toes, whereas in the UK we are being played on BBC6 quite a bit, so I have no idea! We love indie radio so it has been so great to be well received there.


How did Flyying Colours first form?

At the end of 2011 we had our first jams with this band in mind. We have all known each other most of our lives now, and have been playing together since high school so it was just a matter of us all being in Melbourne at the same time and being able to get it together.



Most new bands are quick to stream their music online but other than ‘Wavygravy’ you’ve opted against that. Has that been a conscious decision?

Not so much conscious, it has just happened that way. Wavygravy was our first single so naturally we uploaded that straight away. The EP is now available in so many ways (CD, vinyl, download, YouTube) we haven’t thought too much more about it.


Speaking of ‘Wavygravy’ – what’s the song about? I’m guessing it’s more of a love song than a reference to the activist Hugh (Wavy Gravy) Romney?

It isn’t a love song, and it is more of a reference to character than the individual I guess.


How do you feel about the ‘shoegaze’ tag? Some bands actively avoid it, in fear that it attaches a negative stigma.

That is essentially what we are, and many other things as well. I will never shy away from it because as a song writer that’s what I identify with. Or at least that’s what happens I think.


A number of reviewers compared Flyying Colours to Swervedriver, Ride, MBV – do you think that’s accurate?

When we started Flyying Colours we called ourselves a shoegaze band so I guess its great to be compared to such amazing bands.


Given that there aren’t an abundance of psych/shoegaze bands (especially in Australia) do you think that makes you stand out?

Well, in our scene in Melbourne there is no shortage of psych/shoegaze bands! We certainly don’t stare at our shoes when we play, maybe that’s it.


What are some of your biggest musical influences?

All of us literally listen to anything and everything. Our influences are listed as MBV and Fleetwood Mac, and that really says it. Everything within, without and in-between. The biggest for me are probably Nirvana, Sonic Youth and MBV.


In terms of amps, pedals and guitars – what’s your favourite bits of kit!?

Fender guitars and amplifiers, and I use an overdrive made by Australian dudes Aphek that I can never imagine life without.


How does the song writing process come about? Is it a collaboration or a dictatorship!?

Its a very natural collaboration, we just play through our songs and everything comes together.


What are you listening to at the moment? Do you have any recommendations for SBWR readers?

Everyone should check out our friends in Melbourne Warmth Crashes In, Villainettes and Strangers From Now On, they are all unbelievable and all have new music coming out.


What are your debut album plans? Will it be an extension of the EP or a new direction for the band? P.S. please don’t make it sound like Tame Impala (not that there’s anything wrong with that).

We are definitely looking to extend on the EP. We were very happy with the way it came out and the way we recorded it so we would definitely like to go back and make a full length album with Woody.


How have you prepared for hitting the studio? Are all of the songs already written?

Everything for the album is essentially written, we have been doing some pre-production on some new tracks that haven’t been played live which has been exciting. I find when it comes to recording though that everything is subject to change.


When can we expect the album to be released?

Hopefully before the end of the year!


Is Melbourne going to remain home base for Flyying Colours? Do you have any plans for international domination!?

We are definitely getting ready to tour overseas, I can’t say we would be moving away from Australia though.


Lastly, if you could work with one musician/producer (living or dead) who would it be and why?

Bowie. I don’t know how, what or why, but it would have to be Bowie.


ED* Nice choice.


Thanks for the interview Flyying Colours – Pick up the EP @ iTunes (AUS) @ Club AC30 (UK) @ Shelflife (US).

Flyying Colours EP On Vinyl


Aussie outfit Flyying Colours released their self-titled EP digitally last year, it ended up being one of the best shoegaze EP’s of 2013. While the Melbourne-based quartet work on their first full length, the EP is being released on limited run 180 gram vinyl by two great labels. In the UK, 250 copies on blue vinyl via Club AC30 (March 10). In the USA, 250 copies on black grape vinyl via Shelflife Records (March 11).

Flyying Colours – ‘Wavygravy’ [VIDEO]

Flyying Colours online @ Facebook.

She Sir – ‘Kissing Can Wait’


She Sir‘s brand of jangle pop is full of shimmering melodies and sonic haze, inspired by the likes of The Go-Betweens, MBV and Felt. The Austin-based four piece will deliver their debut LP ‘Go Guitars’ on February 25 through Shelflife (pre-order). After having listened to four or five songs from the LP, I’ve got little doubt this will be a special album. For a limited time you can download an album track called ‘Condensedindents’ here (right click, save as).

She Sir – ‘Kissing Can Wait’

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Pia Fraus – 'Feeling Is New'

If you’ve never experienced the bliss of Pia Fraus before, this is your moment. Their formation is the stuff of… well, its easy to ham up. Six Estonian art school students came together in the late nineties to write dreamy pop songs, in 2001 their debut LP ‘Wonder What It’s Like’ was born. The band have re-recorded (or remastered) all of their key tracks for a new compilation called ‘Silmi Island’ (1998-2008), available on January 22 through Shelflife Records (order here). Take a listen to ‘Feeling Is New‘, first released in 2006 on the Pia Fraus album ‘Nature Heart Software’.

Pia Fraus – ‘Feeling Is New’

[mejsaudio src=]

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Airiel – 'Flashlight Tag'

Fresh dream pop from Chicago’s Airiel. Jeremy Wrenn formed the group back in 1997 and went on to release ‘The Battle Of Sealand’ LP and numerous EPs and singles. On May 1st, Airiel will release a new EP ‘Kid Games‘ via Shelflife Records featuring ‘Flashlight Tag’.


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White Wishes – ‘Come And Say Hello’

Russian indie rockers White Wishes released their first physical single ‘Come And Say Hello’ through Shelflife Records last month. This song has more of a 90s Brit rock feel than anything I would stereotypically think of as Russian. Here I go showing my ignorance again! White Wishes are all jangly and loose on their debut; its simple, fuzzy and available now.

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Download White Wishes ‘Come And Say Hello’ free via Bandcamp or grab the 7-inch through Shelflife records.