The Moas – ‘Blue Light’


2013 and 2014 have been packed with some of the best shoegaze and dream pop in ages. That an album as strong and engaging as The Moas self-titled debut didn’t make it to SBWR when it was released in August speaks to the massive quality and quantity of reverb-soaked output the world over. Featuring lovely, lazily swoony vocals; complex, ever-changing time structures; dream-pop melodies; and just enough reverb to fuzz up the edges, the album garnered well-deserved positive notice locally. The Saskatoon foursome explore catchy indie-pop melodies laid out by bending guitars and a peculiar organ (‘Blue Light’) as well as slow, dreamy tunes with boomy bass (‘No Colonial’) and a cohesive indie-rock sound that makes it all shine attractively. The band is already hard at work recording new material, so check Bandcamp to get caught up! [by Dave Lytton]

The Moas – ‘Blue Light’

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Your Favorite Color – ‘Spooky Song’

Your Favorite Color is the side project of Florida-based artist Geramy Layug (also of Saskatchewan). ‘Spooky Song’ is a psychedelic trip that hinges from a repeated synth line, everything swirls around it. Somehow Your Favorite Color manages to pull off a decidedly dark feel that’s equally groovy. I can’t believe I just used groovy in a sentence. I really need a thesaurus. Either way, it’s an interesting introduction. A debut EP from Your Favorite Color is expected in 2012.

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Download Your Favorite Color’s ‘Spooky Song’ free here.