Good Morning TV – ‘Ordinary People’

Good Morning TV - Good Morning TV

Good Morning TV‘s debut s/t EP has landed via Requiem Pour un Twister! The French project is the work of songwriter Bérénice Deloire and producer Barth Bouveret. ‘Ordrinary People’ is a stunning psych pop tune with loads of grit. Highly recommended listening for fans of Broadcast, Stereolab or Melody’s Echo Chamber.

Good Morning TV – ‘Ordinary People’

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Venera 4 – ‘Eidôlon’


Venera 4‘s debut album ‘Eidôlon’ is out this week thanks to Requiem Pour Un Twister! The Paris-based shoegazers are Morgane (on lead vocals/guitar), Annabelle (singer/guitarist), Yann (guitarist and backing vocalist), with Frederic on bass. The four piece formed in 2012 and haven’t rush released a long player. Instead, we’ve enjoyed a slow progression from their debut single ‘Seabed Terror’, to their much praised ‘Deaf Hearts’ EP in 2013. They’ve resisted the urge to include any of these foundational singles on the album, so ‘Eidôlon’ is an entirely new beast.

‘Pygmalion’ opens proceedings, (a head nod to Slowdive’s 1995 album of the same name). But unlike Slowdive’s diversion to a more ambient sound for ‘Pygmalion’, Venera 4 do the opposite, it’s a full tilt shoegaze overture with all the trimmings! It leads into ‘Red Blooms’, which could’ve been a lead single in its own right (with its danceable groove and sugary vocals), a modern take on the Cocteau Twins.

The actual lead single ‘Black Paws’ follows, which is equally groovy (for lack of a better word). The syncopated back beat gives the shoegazey guitars a poppy sway that’s infectious. This, combined with Venera 4’s vocal delivery is what makes them stand out from the rest. Of course, it’s beneficial having everybody in the band able to sing (except for Frederic), sorry Fred! Point is, the shared boy/girl vocals have long been an important ingredient for noise pop acts and Venera 4 excel at this.

It’s refreshing to hear the French language vocals come out on the title track ‘Eidôlon’. It doesn’t feel out of place and contrasts the stormy atmosphere. The latter half of the album is a more textural, cinematic listening experience. And while the catchiness of it’s opening is loads of fun, I love the quieter moments like ‘3 Studies For A Portrait’ and ‘Colored Fields’. It’s difficult to find fault with this record, it’s a big achievement and one of the strongest shoegaze records of 2015 so far. Venera 4 make noise that’s so damn classy – it’s Gucci-gaze! Download a copy of ‘Eidôlon’ or pick up the vinyl through Bandcamp.

Venera 4 – ‘Eidôlon’ [Album Stream]

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Venera 4 - 'Eidôlon'
  • Brilliant debut album
  • Danceable shoegaze n' dream pop
  • Girl/boy/girl vocals are great!
  • Hard to fault (score may be adjusted)
3.8Overall Score
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Venera 4 – ‘Black Paws’


Venera 4 are back with a new single and video called ‘Black Paws’. The Paris-based shoegazers will release it via Requiem Pour Un Twister (date to be announced). It follows the band’s appearance on the ‘Songs From Nothing #2’ compilation (as below) and arrives almost a year after their much loved ‘Deaf Hearts‘ EP. ‘Black Paws’ is a brooding rocker with multi-layered everything! Let’s hope a full length is just around the corner. *crosses fingers*
Venera 4 – ‘Black Paws’

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Venera 4 – ‘Deaf Heartbeats’


Parisian shoegazers Venera 4 return with a new noise pop single and video – ‘Deaf Heartbeats’! French label Requiem Pour un Twister will release their next EP ‘Deaf Hearts’ on October 7 featuring five blissed out tunes. After hearing the EP through, rest assured there’s plenty to get excited about! The release follows the ‘Haunted Summer‘ single and last year’s ‘Seabed Terror’ EP.

Venera 4 – ‘Deaf Heartbeats’ [VIDEO]

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