Ringo Deathstarr – ‘Tambourine Girl’

Ringo Deathstarr

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So this is a little confusing. Next month Ringo Deathstarr will re-release the ‘Sparkler’ compilation on CD (already available digitally) which was originally released in 2009 compiling a bunch of earlier releases from 2007…whaa!?

Put simply, if you loved Ringo Deathstarr’s 2011 debut album ‘Colour Trip’ then get your mits on their earlier stuff – available on the ‘Sparkler’ comp. Either way, the Ringo Deathstarr of 2007 versus their work in 2011 is still firmly placed in an early 90s sound.

Ringo DeathstarrMoving on, with a band name that combines two of the biggest pop culture icons the world has ever seen, how can they go wrong? Well… after listening to ‘Colour Trip’ for a while now I can confess my first thoughts. *deep breath* All musicians are influenced by other artists. That’s what put the itch in their pants to start with. But some bands wear their influences on their sleeves and others bury them from view. Or as Tom Waits said, they make crappy covers of other beloved musicians. In Ringo Deathstarr’s case, it’s bleedingly obvious. They do it so well.

But is that a sin? I think your response is directly proportionate to how connected you are with these influences. In this case, My Bloody Valentine and The Jesus & Mary Chain. Obviously this troubled me quite a lot! But after ten spins of the record I had to concede. Influences don’t limit a song’s creative worth, just your ability to listen objectively. I’m glad that the rock n’ roll kids of today have this band. Now I can sleep soundly. One day this generation will be berating their children for listening to a band that rips off Ringo Deathstarr…and so the cycle will continue. In the meantime Ringo Deathstarr will spew forth a wall of noise regardless… and I’m converted! Amen.

Warning… the ‘Two Girls’ video is NSFW!!!

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