Lorelle Meets The Obsolete – ‘Chambers’


Continuing a big week for album releases is the fresh LP ‘Chambers’ by Lorelle Meets The Obsolete (available through Sonic Cathedral UK and Captcha Records USA). The Mexican duo (Lorena Quintanilla and Alberto González) kicked off their tour last week, leaving us to lap up their third long player. It follows the singles ‘What’s Holding You?‘ and ‘Music For Dozens‘ with eight more psych wonders to discover. ‘Chambers’ was recorded with the help of Cooper Crain (from Chicago drone legends Cave) and mastered by Sonic Boom (of Spacemen 3). Surprisingly, whilst the album maintains the garage charm of its predecessors ‘On Welfare’ and ‘Corruptible Faces’, it’s less noisy overall. By degrees of course, there’s still no lack of LSD dripping guitar haze, it’s just more focused. ‘Sealed Scene’ for instance, is a colourful mix of surf rock madness mixed with LMTO’s trademark psych powers! Meanwhile ‘I Can’t Feel The Outside’ has an almost British swagger to it, with playful melodies interchanged between the husband and wife team. ‘Chambers’ sounds consistently vintage, like the beautifully sedate ‘Dead Leaves’ that could be mistaken for a 70s rocker. Lorelle Meets The Obsolete have produced a large amount of music in the past few years, I’m not sure how they manage to maintain the high quality without becoming watered down. And yet here we are again – recommended.

Lorelle Meets The Obsolete – ‘Chambers’ [Album Stream]

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Lorelle Meets The Obsolete - 'Chambers'
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Dark Bells – ‘In Head’


On April 24 Rip Records will deliver ‘In Head’ the latest from Dark Bells (as premiered by The 405). The Aussie psych rock trio are currently on tour with Temples (check out those dates here). ‘In Head’ is a solid slice of stadium ready rock with a groovy bassline to back Teneil Throssell’s vocals. Dark Bells relocated from Sydney to London in 2012 and turned heads with their praised single ‘Wildflower‘ soon after.

Dark Bells – ‘In Head’

[mejsaudio src=https://www.soundsbetterwithreverb.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/Darkbells-In-Head.mp3]

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Youngteam – ‘Fading Into Night’


Youngteam had a big challenge on their hands in recording the follow up to their lauded 2011 debut LP ‘Daydreamer’. That record was a fuzzy feast of guy/girl rock, shoegaze and dream pop, so diverse that it could be stuck on repeat. But instead of trying to do it all over again, the Swedish quartet have re-invented themselves on their second album ‘Fading Into Night’. Gone are the distorted guitars and poppy harmonies in place of a much darker, more psych rock focused sound. The impressive singles ‘Fading Into Night‘ and ‘It’s Getting Dark’ show off how well these changes worked. It’s a more mature set of songs but it’s also less grabbing. The psych swagger begins to wear a little mid way as Youngteam settle into a feel that sounds somewhere between Brian Jonestown Massacre and Spacemen 3. Having said that, the spacious mix and bittersweet vocals are compelling and reach to depths that ‘Daydreamer’ never dared venture. Pick up the full length from March 24 through Northern Star Records (pre-order). Side note, British fans may want to check out the Northern Star Weekender next month with 93millionmilesfromthesun, Youngteam, The Lost Rivers and many more great acts.

Youngteam – ‘Fading Into Night’

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Youngteam - 'Fading Into Night'
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Thee Oh Sees – ‘Penetrating Eye’


Great news from Thee Oh Sees with the announcement of a new LP called ‘Drop’ (out April 19 through Castle Face). Lead single ‘Penetrating Eye’ shows the Bay Area psych vets are still full of new ideas. And perhaps with a new death by audio pedal? Sounds like a big octave pedal to me but I may be wrong, I’m no Yngwie Malmsteen!

Thee Oh Sees – ‘Penetrating Eye’

[mejsaudio src= https://www.soundsbetterwithreverb.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/Thee-Oh-Sees-Penetrating-Eye.mp3]

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The Wytches – ‘Wire Frame Mattress’


The Wytches are barely out of their teens but they’re already making some incredibly interesting tunes. The Brighton-based trio recently signed to Partisan/Heavenly and have an album coming out in May. The first single ‘Wire Frame Mattress’ is a slushy garage rocker with an extremely trippy surf rock tangent. A reminder of how fun messy rock can be!

The Wytches – ‘Wire Frame Mattress’

[mejsaudio src= https://www.soundsbetterwithreverb.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/The-Wytches-Wire-Frame-Mattress.mp3]

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Temples – ‘Sun Structures’


‘Sun Structures’ has been a long time coming but the Brit rockers officially release it this week via Heavenly/Fat Possum.  For fans, the singles ‘Shelter Song’ and ‘Colours To Life’ are already well lived in and a familiar live staple. Along with early EP cuts like ‘The Golden Throne’ that were reworked for the LP. Despite its late arrival ‘Sun Structures’ isn’t lacking punchy melodies or groovy rhythms. As far as psych rock revivals go, it doesn’t get much better. Temples have the songs to back it up… and the afros!

Temples – ‘A Question Isn’t Answered’

[mejsaudio src= https://www.soundsbetterwithreverb.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/Temples-A-Question-Isnt-Answered.mp3]

There’s head nods to the 60s and 70s all over this, which may repulse some but for those of us that never saw Marc Bolan strut his stuff, it’s a welcome alternative. There’s also a strong Beatles influence, album cut ‘A Question Isn’t Answered’ features Lennon/McCartney inspired vocal harmonies against proggy rock riffs. ‘Sun Structures’ establishes Temples sound but the real challenge is adding something new to the formula next full length. In the meantime, Temples have the best shot of getting psych rock back on the radio amongst a pool of other vintage rock acts.


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Temples - 'Sun Structures'
4.0Overall Score
Reader Rating: (6 Votes)